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Baldaiassa, production and sale Piedmontese hazelnut food specialties

Baldaiassa, in the province of Asti, Piedmontese hazelnut production area, has been dealing since 2009 with the sale of hazelnuts and the production of hazelnut oil, Piedmontese food specialties and typical products with or without hazelnuts.

The production takes place directly in the Baldaiassa company laboratory, where hazelnuts are transformed into specialties and typical Piedmontese sweet products: pastries and biscuits, cakes and bakery products, spreads and chocolate pralines or in other food specialties and typical products of Piedmont: pure Hazelnut Oil, strictly cold-pressed and the everlasting Bagna Cauda, prepared however according to the ancient Piedmontese recipe with hazelnut oil.

Of course, hazelnuts are not for the exclusive use of the production of Piedmontese food specialties and typical products but are packaged and for sale raw shelled or toasted.

The production of Baldaiassa’s Piedmontese specialties, is not limited only to hazelnut-based products, it also includes a line of typical preserves: the Piedmontese appetizer or Giardiniera, "bagnet" sauces, jams and jellies such as those obtained from grape must freisa or muscat.

The sale of Baldaiassa’s Piedmontese specialties with or without hazelnuts, both in Italy and abroad, takes place mainly through the online shop managed internally by the company.

The name Baldaiassa, conceived as a joke a few years earlier, derives from the meeting of words Baldizzone, surname of the owners, and Aiassa, the name of the farmhouse where the farm is physically located.

It's situated in the Municipality of Cortazzone, in a hilly area called Val Rilate, or in Monferrina portion known as Hills of Upper Monferrato of Asti.

The Aiassa, so nicely apostrophe, draws its origins from far away: the old municipal documents would carry it back to 1600, but it could perhaps go back to the previous periods.

In the years of the splendor of these lands, the Aiassa, was among the most productive, functional and modern agricultural realities of the area, although hazelnut did not yet represent the main economy of the area.

Our ambition, with so glorious past, of course, is to go back to make proud a land unfortunately left to itself for too long, finding the productivity and the balance of "the past" but with the help of the most modern technologies of "today": first of all those of the communication.

That communication precisely, the absence of which, did not allow a renewal of the generations, resulting in a slow decline of the territory and that its continuation will inevitably lead to the loss of the most precious asset... their identity: made of flavors, traditions and cultural practices.

This is the land that Baldaiassa aims to tell with hazelnuts and its Piedmontese food specialties and typical products!