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Sale typical Piedmontese products of Baldaiassa production

Among the typical Piedmontese "sweet" products of Baldaiassa production, it is possible to rediscover the pleasure of the classic sweets of Piedmont, such as the famous Hazelnut Cake from Cortazzone without wheat flour, on sale in elegant gift box, the Baci di Dama with hazelnuts, the Ugly but Good with hazelnuts, the Krumiri with hazelnuts, to name just a few, also on sale in elegant gift boxes or in practical freshness-saving zip sachet. The production of typical Piedmontese products Baldaiassa is not limited only to sweets: in fact, we find for sale among the "savoury" her majesty the Bagna Cauda, whose production takes place in compliance with the ancient Piedmontese recipe with hazelnut oil, and a special line of typical regional preserves.

Typical Piedmontese products

The typical Piedmontese products of Baldaiassa production, find their best representation in the word "galuparìa": term with which is defined a delicacy in the dialect of Piedmont. They are not necessarily sweets, nor exclusively savory dishes, they are simply those appetizing and traditional products, sometimes with long or complex preparations, which in the memory of every "child" by now grown up, only mum and grandmother know or knew how to make them so tasty... in short galuparìe... but produced by Baldaiassa for you.

Typical Piedmontese dishes

For the production of our typical Piedmontese products, we choose the ingredients after a careful research, to the advantage, where possible, of those produced in Italy preferably in the regional context, for a greater fidelity of the recipes, preferring those obtained by means of natural and sustainable production techniques.

Free-range eggs, fresh milk, fresh cream butter as an alternative to vegetable margarines or hydrogenated fats, raw cane sugar... and so with the same principle all the tother ingredients.

The continuous and constant search for the best raw material, sometimes leads us to review our recipes, to be able to sell typical Piedmontese products always up to expectations.

The production of typical Piedmontese products Baldaiassa does not provide for the use of food additives, preservatives and artificial flavors, favoring more natural preservation techniques such as pasteurization, drying or elimination of air from the products by expertly exploiting what nature makes available to us...

…here is how it happens the production of typical Piedmontese products Baldaiassa that you will find on sale!